When I Fell In Love with Words...

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This might sound a bit kooky, but I fell in love with words when I was a teenager. And, I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Envision the end scene of "Pretty Woman" when Edward, Richard Gere, proclaims his love to Vivian, Julia Roberts, add in fireworks, and there you have it... my romantic "love at first sight with words."

That's right. I romanced with words, and I'm still romancing with them.

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At this point you most likely think I'm strange for falling in love with words, but I have to believe I'm not the only writer who has experienced a similar awakening. Or, the only person who's lucky enough to stumble upon what they are passionate about in life. It happens. Right? Well, I guess this is where I also mention I'm a hopeless romantic and lover of romantic comedies. 

Now, that I'm completely lucid and honest, let's dive into my word love story below. Warning: I'm about to get all nostalgic and mushy peas on you. 

word love

It was a Spring day in Georgia, and I was a Sophomore in Ms.Buice's AP Literature class at Cherokee High School. That particular day had a rather odd class assignment. We stepped away from analyzing Faulkner and turned toward the dictionary. We had to blindly flip through it, stop at any page, and lay down our finger anywhere on the page. Whichever word our finger landed on, was the word that we had to depict in a piece of art. Sounds a bit elementary style, right?

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Silly or not, it changed my life. I remember the childish thrill of anxiously waiting to see which word my finger would land on. My heart was thumping. My feet were tapping. Finally, the luck of the draw landed on the word.... Idyllic. 







Idyllic, oh, how you colored my world. The moment I spelled you out and pinned you up on the wall, it was like seeing a rainbow for the first time. The rhythm of your vowels consumed me and the warmth you radiated tilted me over to the edge of complete bliss. 

Cheesy, huh?

idyllic scenes

Naturally, when a profound moment, like mine, hits a teenage girl, the heavy weight rolls off their shoulders and slips away. In my case, a tiny anchor was left behind and this connection became a life trajectory soon realized at age 23 on set of a movie production (That's a different story for a different time). 

And, whew, did I cheer on this awakening just like I did at the end of "Pretty Woman." Long live my word love story. A treasure that  continues to keep me afloat in a sea of fear, and a texture that enlightens my life experiences.

Idyllic: You, pretty, pretty word.