Five Favorites: "October, Yeah!"

Ahhh, hello spooky/sweet October. You better believe I'm spending this month pumpkin spice sipping, bonfire sitting and trick-or-treat-ing. Even better, Georgia's Fall weather is finally settling in - goodbye to the days of sweating it up in my plaid long-sleeves. :) I hope I'm not jinxing it...  

In the slight case you're like me and are curious about what other fellow creatives are reveling in on a daily basis, here's a curation of what's filling up my October days. 

You know you're curious. Scroll on. ;)


Favorite Oct. Home Decor: It's All About Fall

via Instagram  @bloominghites

via Instagram @bloominghites


The ladies at Blooming Hites Boutique have the Fall hook up. From seriously cute plaid pumpkins to Halloween-themed blocks, you'll be able to Fall proof your place in no time. Head over to their Roswell boutique this week and stock up! And, I know...all eyes are on that plaid pumpkin. ;)


Favorite Oct. Writing Tip: Write with High Concept & Low Budget in Mind


As a screenwriter, it's uber easy to create extravagant scenes. When ideas churn and characters talk, BIG moments can quickly turn your preemie script into a high budget script overnight. During the outlining and brainstorming stage, I believe it's essential in attempting to preserve the balance between high concept and low budget so that we can reach many of our script milestones. One being, to be taken seriously. The Script Lab's blog post "Screenwriting 101: 6 Tips to Writing Cheap" hits home on this given essential. Continue reading: The Script Lab.

Favorite Oct. Film & TV: Outlander Season 3

via Instagram  @outlander_starz

via Instagram @outlander_starz

The wait for Outlander Season 3 is FINALLY over!!! Every Sunday this month, Jamie and Claire will be stealing my heart (sorry, Marc). The swoon game will be strong. This season is starting out slow buttttt still SUPER sexy. My fellow Outlander fans, what are your thoughts on the episodes so far? Comment/emoji below [try to refrain from any spoilers ;)].


Favorite Oct. Fashion Find: Autumn Hued Florals


Recently, I had the luxury to jet off to San Fran where I had the opportunity to clink wine glasses with my Hubby and good friends among Napa Valley's backdrop. It was a dream come true, and, of course, the perfect time to wear my moody floral prints. I picked up this beauty above from Perched boutique (located in downtown Ball Ground) and it's one of the many selections from their pretty Fall collection. Side note, this boutique is super adorable and chic! I love popping in for a warm welcome & style re-fresh. They really exceed the "Be my guest" type feels. ;)

Favorite Oct. Words: Darling Magazine


Last year, I graced Darling Magazine's Instagram and was instantly hooked me with just one post. Hell yeah, a brand that wants to celebrate the art of being a woman on a daily basis? Count. Me. In. Now as an avid fan, I can't wait to slow down the AM hustle this month and sink my mind into their Fall issue which is all about b a l a n c e. 

Do you favor the same favorites as me this month? I would love to know if we share any common October faves.