The Chosen One

Joss Whedon scored a homerun when he based his seven year successful TV Show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, on one underlying premise, the “Chosen One.” Hat tip to you, sir!

buffy the vampire slayer

I’m more aware now than ever that Whedon’s “Chosen One” theme is exceptionally righteous in reality. We aren’t destined heroes in the sense of the world’s chosen slayer, but our skills, dreams and passions are all our “Chosen One”’s. They have a purpose - to find us (like doughnuts at Dunkin' Donuts).

career path

Sure, we can dictate life and career flips, twists and turns all we want, but our chosen path slings us right back into place. I like to think of it as life’s pinball game. Whether we like it or not, our dreams choose us the moment we slide into this world. You can thank the Man upstairs for that beautiful mystery.

The “Chosen One” call is TOTALLY a thing and mine is writing. Thanks again Whedon for reiterating it through your vampire satirical teenage drama because I can now see how this call took shape in my life. The “Chosen One” knocked at my door when I was 7 years old. Without any inclination, I felt the need to write and orchestrate a neighborhood play. I apologize tremendously to my poor parents and neighborhood friends whom I most likely traumatized. If you all are reading this now, see, it was all part of my “Chosen One” plan. :)

freelance writer

It knocked again when I decided to major in Public Relations in College (my third major change). After graduating, this degree qualified me for my first big girl job in the real world as a public relations assistant. I felt like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Totally out of place but made the most out of it. However, this launching gig didn’t last long because… well...

Knock. Knock.

You betchya, that two beat noise continued when I decided to transition into the production world working on film and TV sets in Atlanta.

atlanta production sets

Boy am I happy that door opened. This 3 year experience, continued to leave my glass half full with the pool of creativity I was surrounded by. Everyday I was bursting out of my seams trying to express my own creativity and find my place in this beautiful industry. I temporarily contained it by working long production hours.

However, just when I felt easily in place, grounded and comfortable, surprise…

Knock. Kock.

I reluctantly answered again. With fear at the driving wheel, I took a leap of faith and became a full-time freelance writer and opened up my own writing services company, Chelsea Harris Creative. This time, this opportunity opened a new door that would allow me to finally phantom a small presence behind those familiar knocks I’ve been answering all these years.

destined dreams

From then till now, comfort has been a permanent foreigner in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It wasn’t until in the midst of fear, unknown territory and change did I start to see the power of my life’s “Chosen One” call.

listen to your dreams

Although I never became Buffy, except those consecutive Halloween costumes in my younger years, my business, CHC, is celebrating it’s first birthday this month and I’m ecstatic to finally be acquainted with right where I should be.

While I’ve been reflecting on all the adversaries and accomplishments I’ve experienced thus far as a business owner and writer, I can only hope that whoever reads this listens to their “Chosen One” knock. The path is both frightening, wondrous and monumental. Joss Whedon wouldn’t have written about it if it was anything less.

Fellow entrepreneur, may you always answer your  “Knock. Knock.”