Tread not Dead

writers block

Stuck and going nowhere fast? Whether it’s writer’s block, creative funk or self-doubt, we’ve all been there - you might even be going through it now. The lone wolf syndrome is felt by all creatives. As for me, it’s writer’s block. Particularly more so now that I am pregnant - this cute alien inside me has been draining my creativity since week 8. When this unwelcome, dreadful period embarks, I feel like a drained coconut. Dehydrated. Thirsty for inspiration.

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It’s so easy to check out, roll over and pretend to be dead. Sure, it will pass. One week later and you have piles of crumpled paper, numerous hours wasted on the internet and 3 binged T.V. series completed. The nasty creative-less dirt will only continue to pile on and soon you’ll be hosting the next monster truck extravaganza.

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Instead, do this: Tread through the murk.

Plant yourself in a seat and go. Don’t stop. Write. Write. Write. Although you might not be a writer, you can apply this motivational tidbit to any creative talent you possess. If there’s anyone you should ask if this really works, it’s a pregnant person. “Yes, it really works.” says me, your pregnant person.  It might not be for the long haul, but it will most certainly shoot you closer to your goals. Also for writers, it might not be your best work initially, but why else would they call it editing?

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Here’s 3 techniques to help you tread and not play dead:

  • Stretch: Our bodies aren’t the only thing that needs to stretch. Our minds need a break so take one. Walk away and return to your work after a 5 minute walk, Netflix show or cardio class. You’ll feel clear and motivated.


  • Pep Talk: Instead of fearing the words, encourage yourself. Say it out loud or write it down: You can write beautifully. You can write with a purpose.


  • Environment Roulette: Many times my computer or niche become a boring routine and way too distracting. My alternatives: 1. Shutting off my computer and going old school with pen and paper 2. Changing the scene constantly, from moving outside onto the front porch or going to a new coffee shop, park, etc...


When you force yourself to persevere, you allow your imagination to play among untapped territories. New boundaries, new ideas, viewpoints and outlooks are around every corner you just have to reach.

writers deadline

Don’t play dead. Tread on. You’ll turn out right where you need to be - across the finish line. ;)