Turning Over a New Leaf

Fall, a time where nature’s landscape changes: the trees turn colors, pumpkins sprinkle across yards and warm sunsets close our days. However, we tend to stray away from what else is changing, and I’m not talking our constant craving for pumpkin everything. It’s our mental landscape.

Weird. Who would have thought our body wants a restart too? From my experience, it’s true. When the seasons change I’ve started listening to the way my body wants to shift emotionally, spiritually and/or intellectually. Turning over new leaves (figuratively) will keep you healthy and prepared for a new season. Here’s how.

Envying this closet featured on  HGTV

Envying this closet featured on HGTV

For starters, ever wonder why you’re itching to switch out your closet? Yeah, I know. We really need to be able to find that long-sleeve shirt for chilly mornings. But, why do you WANT to open all the boxes, re-organize your vanity, bathroom cabinets, plus sock drawer? Whew!

It’s because physical clutter is sparking our mental noise going on. “Clutter is anything that gets in the way of what matters most to you,” says Erin Rooney Donald from Spirituality & Health. I say, use this distraction to connect spiritually or intellectually. Your mind is itching to rejuvenate and shave away built-up negativity. So, take time in your hectic weekend plans to carve out a closet makeover. You’ll thank me!

If organization isn’t your thing, you might find yourself during this season constantly attracted to “The Best Places to Hike in Fall” articles. It’s not just the fruity pebble colors you want to see, it’s probably a mental cry too. 


Featuring my lovely friend's mountain hustle!   

Featuring my lovely friend's mountain hustle!


Hiking, believe it or not, could be attracting you emotionally to reconnect and de-stress. “Breathing fresh air in a natural, serene environment also helps many people to relax and reduce stress and anxiety,” says Tina Pashley from Livestrong.com. I mean who wants a mental breakdown during an important career meeting? Avoid building up stress or anxiety and sketch out a Saturday (or few) and go on a hike. 

Which mental landscapes will you listen to?

Turn over a new leaf this season. It’s healthy.