Who Is CH?

Chelsea Harris is a freelance writer in Atlanta who specializes in blogs and social media within the entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle worlds. Behind her words, she’s an industry insider who has worked within these arenas for five + years spanning from working on major motion pictures (“The Hunger Games,” “Insurgent,” and more), assisting Atlanta lifestyle clients in publicity campaigns, to writing for the TV Station CW 69. These environments are her “eat, pray, and love” adventures, and Chelsea loves spreading their sparkle.

Prior to Chelsea's “big girl” jobs, she studied and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.


Up Close & Personal

I’m a newlywed wife, mom to two crazy cats, and a dreamer. I hold dear to the practice of creating your own environmentwhich shines through my work and personal life. 

In my off time you will find me writing screenplays, soaking in nature, dancing to my husband’s latest song, losing myself in a good flick/TV show, having a nice glass of champagne, or surrounded by laughs with my family and friends.